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Elves: Fire and Ice ❄️ 2 Player Games 🕹️ Play for free

Elves: Fire and IceWelcome to the phenomenal game Elves: Fire and Ice. Here you will meet fairy-tale creatures - elves. These two characters are very intelligent and very restless. You have to play with them a bit. They differ from their relatives in that they are small incarnations of the elements of fire and ice. Therefore, they have extraordinary abilities and a special appearance. Ice can freeze water, and Fire can tame flame. For example, if you have to go through a bonfire and it can't be jumped over, Fire should go first. He will smother the flame, and then the Ice will be able to continue its journey. But if there is water in front of you, then give priority to the Ice Elf to freeze it, and only then, to the Fire Elf. You also have to solve many logic puzzles to complete all the levels. In Elves: Fire and Ice you can play with your friends because it is a game for two. If you don't have a partner at the moment, you can play both elves at the same time.

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