Kizi Mizi: Eggy Car

Eggy Car

Eggy Car is a dynamic and addictive game that will take you to a world full of adventures and challenges. You will play the role of a nice egg that dreams of a great career in the automotive world.

You are the only egg that has the ability to navigate roads and overcome various obstacles. Your goal is to earn points and discover new routes that lead to unusual places.

During the game, you will have to deal with difficulties on the road, such as turns, jumps and obstacles. You must be alert and agile to avoid collisions and reach your destination.

During your journey you will also have the opportunity to collect various bonuses and power-ups that will help you succeed. You can learn new skills and upgrade your egg to become an even better driver.

Your adventure starts in a small town, but the more points you earn, the more exciting and challenging routes will be open to you. Picturesque landscapes, mysterious forests and unexplored caves await you.

Eggy Car is not only a game for fans of racing and motoring, but also for people who like captivating stories and an original testimony of the egg's determination. Can you win the title of best egg driver?

Get ready for an exciting journey full of adventures, emotions and unforgettable experiences. Get behind the wheel of the Eggy Car and prove that even an egg can become a hero!

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