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Earn to Die
Earn to Die

Earn to Die - Game rules and controls

game description Earn to Die

An exciting zombie game in which the main character must face the undead. You will find yourself in a desert full of living dead, willing to attack and bite all people. From the tower where you are, you can see the helicopter you want to get to because it is a chance for freedom. But zombies are everywhere, what to do? You need a car in which you have a chance to reach the helicopter. The farther you go during the day, the more money you will receive for improvements. Get extra fuel tank capacity and increase pressure, allowing you to cover a greater distance the next day. Bonuses are awarded for tricks and zombie attacks because it gives you more money. If you do not want to die, use resources that will help in the fight against zombies, increasing the chance of getting to the rescue helicopter.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Average ratings Earn to Die is 84/100. The game was given 19 votes. The game has now 2103 pageviews. The game was proposed on: 9 May 2019. Search for games with positive emotions