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Dumb Ways to Die 3 World Tour

Dumb Ways to Die 3 World Tour is an exciting game that takes you on an extraordinary journey through a world full of crazy adventures. You will play the role of a hero whose task is to save various characters from a tragic fate. Are you ready to face absurd and dangerous situations?

In Dumb Ways to Die 3 World Tour you will meet amazing characters who have fallen into various traps. Your task is to prevent their tragic fate by making quick decisions and completing the right tasks. Challenges await you that require both reflexes and logical thinking. During your journey you will encounter different cultures and you will have to adapt to new situations to prevent more senseless deaths.

Dumb Ways to Die 3 World Tour offers many different levels to get your adrenaline pumping. From jumping on the rooftops of Chinese buildings, to avoiding avalanches in the mountains of Alaska, to fighting a tribe of wild Maori on a desert island - each level is a unique challenge and a chance to show your skills.

Remember that your decisions matter! Each failure means the death of the hero and you have to start over. Can you save all the heroes? Can you survive all the dangerous adventures that await you in this humorous game? Time to check it out!

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