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Dreamfields: Discover the magical world of dreams and make your dreams come true!

In Dreamfields, you play as a hero who accidentally ends up in a mysterious dream world. Your goal is to explore this fantastic land and make your deepest dreams come true.

Experience unforgettable adventures and get magical items!

As you travel through Dreamfields, you'll meet a variety of characters and creatures that will help you unravel the secrets of this magical world. Collect unique items with extraordinary powers and use them to solve puzzles and defeat your opponents.

Build your own dream and create your dream world!

In Dreamfields you have the ability to build and personalize your own dream world. Choose from many fantastic elements, decorations and plants to create the perfect place that reflects your dreams. Invite your friends to enjoy this magical place together.

Defeat malevolent creatures and discover the secrets of the Dreamfields!

During your adventure, you'll face sinister creatures and solve challenging puzzles to unravel the mystery of Dreamfields. Access the next levels and discover new areas of this fantastic land.

Join Dreamfields now and experience an amazing journey through the world of dreams!

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