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Kizi Mizi: Draw Master Path To Toilet

Draw Master Path To Toilet

Draw Master Path To Toilet

Draw Master Path To Toilet is a game that takes us to a world where our main task is to draw the shortest route to the toilet. The game consists of many levels, which are getting more and more difficult with each subsequent one.

The player must use their imagination and creativity to create a path for the character to safely reach their destination. Various obstacles, such as furniture, doors or stairs, await us on the way to the toilet.

Draw Master Path To Toilet is not only a puzzle game, but also an arcade game. In some levels you have to be very fast and accurate to make it before time runs out.

In the game we have several characters to choose from, each of which has its own unique skills. Some are faster, others can jump over obstacles, and some have the ability to teleport.

The world of Draw Master Path To Toilet is full of secrets and surprises, and each new level brings new challenges and puzzles to solve. Will you be able to complete all the levels and reach the toilet?

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