Kizi Mizi: Doctor Acorn - Birdy levels pack

Doctor Acorn - Birdy levels pack

Doctor Acorn - Birdy levels pack is an exciting game that will take you to a magical world of forest adventures. You will play as Doctor Acorn, a brilliant acorn who is the doctor to all the animals in the forest.

In this latest level pack, Doctor Acorn faces a new challenge - looking after the birds. A mysterious epidemic has appeared in the forest, affecting beautiful and colorful birds. Their feathers lost their luster, and their energetic singing turned into a sad squawk.

Your goal is to help Dr. Acorn treat the birds and bring them back to life. You will embark on an adventurous journey through the forest, passing through a variety of locations, from dense brush to tall trees. You will have to solve a variety of puzzles and overcome difficult obstacles to reach each infected bird.

But that's not all! During your mission, you will also meet other animals that will need your help. You will discover the mysteries of forest creatures and gain extraordinary skills that will help you fight this mysterious epidemic.

Solve puzzles, collect bonuses and discover mysteries with Doctor Acorn! Countless hours of fun and excitement await you. Will you be able to restore the glow of feathers and the joy of life to the birds? It's up to you!

Join Doctor Acorn on an epic journey through the woods in Doctor Acorn - Birdy levels pack. Get ready for adventures that will take you to the magical world of forest medicine and discover the mysteries that await you!

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