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Dino Squad Adventure 3

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Dino Squad Adventure 3
Dino Squad Adventure 3

Dino Squad Adventure 3 - Game rules and controls

game description Dino Squad Adventure 3In the game "Adventures of the Dino 3 Crew" you will join the Dino rescue unit. Previously, the team consisted of only two dinosaurs, and now there are four. This team knows how to deal with fists and weapons. A dangerous journey ahead of you is an alternative prehistoric world in which dinosaurs not only walk on earth, but rule the world. To restore peace and order, the squad is sent to the next mission.

In each level you have to fight enemy dinosaurs and overcome obstacles and traps. All this can only be done together, because each of the dinosaurs has different skills and abilities. The boxing gloved dinosaur is trained for melee, the second shoots and throws grenades, the pterodactyl can fly, and the blue triceratops shoots with bazooka rockets. Call a friend and play together to deal with an army of enemies.

Game rules and controls:
Player 1:
Arrow keys - move
Attack: "K"

Player 2:
"W, A, S, D" - movement
Attack: "F"

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