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Dino Robot 7: Lightning Parasau PlusToday your legendary collection will be completed with another great creature. It will be the powerful Parasau - a combination of a dinosaur and a robot. Thanks to modern scientists and engineers, it was possible to combine an extinct dinosaur with the latest technology. You will be able to admire this genetic modification in the game "Pareiasaurus Lightning Plus". To judge its power and size, you need to do some work. You are lucky to assemble the robot yourself. You will follow the transparent sketch on which you will install all the parts of the robo-dinosaur. You can install larger parts without any problems, with smaller ones it may be a problem, but you will probably manage. As soon as Parasau is ready, you will be able to go to the training ground for secret experiments. There, the robot will demonstrate its strength and skills. He will also be able to face other iron giants: Velociraptor, Ceratosaurus and Gigantosaurus. It's going to be a real battle of giants!

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