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Dino Ice Age

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Dino Ice Age
Dino Ice Age

Dino Ice Age - Game rules and controls

game description Dino Ice Age

Dinosaur dad and his son, who hunted in previous parts, this time will fight the impending ice age. The place where they live is surrounded by snow and they must defend themselves against wild animals. Together they must flee from icy places to temperate areas, where it is much warmer and easier to live. Collect fruit along the way and seek shelter in caves to successfully complete the level. Protect yourself against sudden snowstorms.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

Game rules and controls:
Daddy the Dinosaur:
Movement: "W, A, S, D"
Action: "G, H"

Little Dinosaur:
Movement: Arrow keys
Action: "K, L"

Average ratings Dino Ice Age is 100/100. The game was given 9 votes. The game has now 2236 page views. The game was proposed on: 7 February 2019. Search for games with positive emotions