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Kizi Mizi: Daily Jigsaw

Daily Jigsaw

Daily Jigsaw

Daily Jigsaw is a puzzle game that takes players into a magical world of puzzles. They play the role of detectives who must solve the mysteries hidden in each of their daily puzzles.

Players begin their adventure as new members of a mysterious detective club, where they get access to a special journal with daily puzzles. Every day they receive a new puzzle that hides a secret related to the history of the city where the detective lives.

As players solve the puzzle, they discover clues that lead them to more puzzles. The more puzzles they solve, the closer they are to discovering the truth. They must use their logical thinking and puzzle skills to discover all the secrets of the city.

However, not everything is so simple. As the detectives get closer to solving the mystery, they encounter various obstacles and traps. They must solve additional mini-games to earn key items and discover more clues.

During their adventure, the detectives will also meet other members of the club who will help them solve mysteries. Each club member has their own unique skills that can be useful in different situations. Players must work with other detectives to discover the whole truth.

Daily Jigsaw is a game that offers not only an engaging story, but also beautiful graphics and relaxing music. Players can immerse themselves in a picturesque puzzle world and enjoy a moment of peace while trying to solve puzzles.

Will the detectives discover all the secrets of the city? Can they solve the daily puzzles and discover the whole truth? Join them on their exciting adventure and see for yourself how good you are at solving puzzles!

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