Kizi Mizi: Cute Zoo

Cute Zoo

Cute Zoo is an addictive online game where players have the opportunity to create their own cute zoo. Playing the role of the owner, the player's task is to take care of the well-being of the animals, provide them with appropriate conditions and increase the popularity of the zoo by attracting visitors.

Players start with a small area where they can build a variety of cages and enclosures for their pets. Each pet has its own individual needs, such as food, drink, cleanliness and entertainment. The player must provide them with enough food, provide them with clean water, and keep their cages clean. In addition, players can also organize a variety of activities and activities for the animals to keep them fit and happy.

An important element of the game is also attracting visitors to the zoo. Players can advertise their zoo using various marketing strategies such as advertising campaigns, promotions and special events. The more visitors visit the zoo, the more player income can be used to expand the zoo and increase the number of animals.

In the game Cute Zoo, in addition to caring for animals and managing the zoo, players also have the opportunity to trade various items. They can buy and sell rare animals, ornamental plants, decorations and much more. This gives players a chance to get unique items that will help them develop the zoo and attract more visitors.

Cute Zoo is not only a game for animal lovers, but also for people who like challenges and strategy. Can you create the most popular and beautiful zoo? Test your skills in Cute Zoo now and share your success with your friends!

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