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Cut the Rope: Time Travel

Welcome to the amazing Cut the Rope: Time Travel game that will take you on an amazing journey through time! Take on the role of the fearless Om Nom and help him overcome the next challenges.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel is a combination of brilliant fun with dynamic puzzles and a fascinating story. Following clues, Om Nom discovers magical portals that allow him to travel through time. Your main goal is to help him get all the candies that have been scattered in different historical eras.

With each level you are transported to a different era, such as Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages or even the future. You have to carefully plan your moves to cut the lines at the right moment and direction for the candy to reach Om Nom. Remember that you only have as much time as you need to solve the puzzle.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel offers many innovative features that will make your game even more exciting. You can use various power-ups to help you overcome difficulties on the road. Additionally, as you discover the mysteries of each era, you unlock new levels and missions.

Get ready for an immersive adventure through time that will keep your mind working overtime! Collect all the candies, discover the secrets of the past and become a master in Cut the Rope: Time Travel.

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