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Crazy Birds 2

Crazy Birds 2 is an exciting continuation of the popular arcade game. Take on the role of a crazy bird and go on an adventurous journey through a colorful world full of dangers. Your task is to save the stolen eggs from a group of evil squirrels. It's time for the birds to take control and restore order to the forest!

Many challenges await you in Crazy Birds 2. You have to overcome various levels that are located in different places, such as mysterious jungles, icy lands or hot deserts. Each level hides many secrets and puzzles that you must solve to find the stolen eggs.

To achieve success, you must use your bird's skills. Each bird has unique abilities that you can use to overcome obstacles and defeat squirrels. Some birds can fly, others have super strong beaks, and still others can shoot feathers with great precision. Smartly use the skills of your bird team to get through challenging levels.

Crazy Birds 2 also offers many additional features that will make the game even more addictive. You can collect coins and unlock new birds, improve their skills and get various bonuses that will help you in difficult moments. You can also compete with other players, earn as many points as possible and admire your results in the global list of the best players.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Embark on a journey through the wonderful world of Crazy Birds 2 and show that you are the best bird hero who will stop the evil squirrels and restore peace to the forest!

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