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Cows vs Vikings

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Cows vs Vikings
Cows vs Vikings

Cows vs Vikings - Game rules and controls

game description Cows vs VikingsLegends say that in ancient times people known as the Vikings ruled the country of Jutland. They lived together with cows that helped them in farming. One day, there was a quarrel between the Vikings and cows, which ended in a cow attack on the Viking settlement. In today's game you will help the Vikings defend their own territory against the attack of cows. To do this, you need to build defensive towers along the way and use their special attack capabilities. The game consists of levels divided into three islands located on the north sea. At each level you must reflect a certain number of enemy waves. Each wave consists of several cows of different types, from simple to largest and strongest. The game "Cow before the Vikings," there are only 4 types of defensive buildings, namely: archers, mages tower tower, catapult and slows the tower. Build all kinds of towers on the path where the evil cows follow. Use available magic spells to hit enemies or upgrade your buildings so that they can stop the tide of cows. Play, pass levels and earn points to improve the Viking defense towers to improve their features and give them special features.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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