Kizi Mizi: Cover Orange: Gangsters

Cover Orange: Gangsters

Welcome to the world of "Cover Orange: Gangsters" - a game that will make you feel like a real gangster! Live exciting adventures in the town of Orange, where a brutal gang of lemons rule. It's your job to protect the innocent oranges from their cruel fate.

Take on the role of a young, brave orange who decided to fight gangsters. You and your friends must hide from the danger that lurks around every corner. Use your wits and intelligence to create a solid shelter for the oranges and save them from a bad ending.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. Gangsters will not give up easily and will try to destroy your plans. You must be quick and skillful to avoid their traps and obstacles. New challenges and puzzles await you in each level.

But don't worry, you're not alone in this fight. In difficult times, you can count on the help of your loyal friends - other oranges, who also decided to fight the bandits. Together you will be unbeatable!

Cover Orange: Gangsters is a game that combines strategy, logical thinking and an exciting storyline. Dozens of levels full of puzzles and challenges await you. Can you protect all the oranges and defeat the ruthless gangsters? See for yourself and enter the world of "Cover Orange: Gangsters" now!

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