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Cooking Mahjong

Cooking Mahjong: Become a master chef and solve Mahjong puzzles!

In Cooking Mahjong, you take on the role of a talented cook who travels the world, gaining fame and solving challenging Mahjong puzzles. Your goal is to become a Master Chef, and the way to do that is to overcome the various challenges of the culinary art of Mahjong.

Solve Mahjong puzzles full of tasty ingredients!

Each game board consists of tiles with different ingredients for culinary magic. It's your job to find and match matching pairs of these tiles to reveal hidden delicious recipes. The more pairs you connect, the more points you earn!

Travel around the world, learn new skills from culinary masters!

As you earn points, you unlock more levels and regions of the world for you to explore. Each region offers unique recipes and ingredients that you must discover and combine to create unique dishes. From spicy Mexican dishes to the delicate flavors of Japanese cuisine, the possibilities are endless!

Become a master chef and conquer the world rankings!

Your skills and scores will be judged based on how fast you solve puzzles and earn points. The better you are, the higher you'll land in the world rankings of culinary masters. The race against time, strategy and perceptiveness are the key features that will help you reach the top!

Cooking Mahjong - A game for all cooking and Mahjong lovers!

Get ready for a unique culinary adventure that combines Mahjong challenges with a passion for cooking. Cooking Mahjong is a game that will provide you with a lot of fun, tasty recipes and satisfaction from overcoming the levels. Are you ready to become a real Master Chef?

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