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Cooking Fast 2 Donuts

Welcome to the Cooking Fast 2 Donuts online game!

You have just been hired as a chef in a newly opened donut factory. Your task is to prepare delicious donuts for hungry customers.

When you open the game, you get a list of orders that you need to complete. Each order consists of a certain number of donuts and various additions, such as frosting, chocolate coating or sprinkles. Your goal is to prepare orders as quickly as possible to satisfy all customers.

During the game you can choose from different types of cake:

  • Yeast dough
  • Biscuit cake
  • Chocolate cake

Next, you need to choose toppings for your donuts:

  • Vanilla icing
  • Chocolate glaze
  • Coconut sprinkles
  • Coloured Sprinkle

Each order has a specific time in which you must fulfill it. The sooner you complete your order, the better your chances of earning extra points and unlocking new levels.

You can also earn various bonuses as you play, such as faster cake baking or automatic frosting. Use them to increase your efficiency and satisfy the appetites of all customers.

Cooking Fast 2 Donuts is an addictive cooking game that will make you feel like a real chef in a donut factory! Become a master at preparing these sweet delicacies and beat all the levels. Fun and taste guaranteed!

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