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Clicker Heroes

Get ready for an endless adventure in the world of Clicker Heroes!

In this amazing strategy game, you take on the role of a hero who must face hordes of monsters. Your task is to click on enemies to defeat them and get gold. But it is not everything! You can use gold to upgrade your hero, buy new skills, and recruit companions to fight alongside you.

Experience epic battles in a variety of locations!

Clicker Heroes offers many different worlds for you to explore. From dark dungeons to magical forests to fiery kingdoms. Every place has dangers, but also treasures that you can collect. However, you must be ready to fight as the monsters will increase in strength and number. Only the bravest heroes stand a chance of victory!

Improve your skills and get new ones!

In Clicker Heroes, it's extremely important to upgrade your hero. You can increase attack power, speed, health and many other parameters. In addition, at each level you will be able to choose new skills that will help you in combat. Will you go for more damage or better healing? It's your hero, your choice!

Fight alongside your comrades!

Your power doesn't have to rely on your own skills alone. In Clicker Heroes, you can recruit companions to fight alongside you. Each of them has unique abilities and skills that can change the course of the battle. Choose your team wisely to succeed!

Accept the challenge and become a legendary hero in Clicker Heroes!

Many challenges, countless monsters and amazing rewards await you in this game. Are you ready for this adventure? Are you ready to become a legend? Join Clicker Heroes now and find out!

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