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Kizi Mizi: cat parkour

cat parkour

cat parkour

Cat Parkour is an amazing game that will give you hours of fun. Become a parkour master together with your kitten and experience unforgettable adventures in the city. Many challenges and dangers await you, but you will surely cope with them thanks to your agility and reflexes.

Take the role of a cat and roam the city from roof to roof, jumping over obstacles and avoiding dangers. Your goal is to reach the end of the level while collecting as many points and coins as possible. You can use the coins you earn to buy new additions and upgrades.

Cat Parkour is a game that requires skill and reflexes from you. You must make quick decisions and make precise jumps so that you don't fall into traps and die. The further you fight your way through, the more challenging the levels become, but also the more exciting and rewarding.

Play Cat Parkour and feel like a true parkour master. Explore the city and earn points to become the best kitty in parkour. The game is cross-platform, so you can enjoy it on your phone, tablet or computer. Don't wait any longer, start your adventure now!

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