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Car Mayhem

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Car Mayhem
Car Mayhem

Car Mayhem - Game rules and controls

game description Car Mayhem

You took part in a bank robbery and now you run away with your fast car with valuable loot. Your car is equipped with a self-firing machine gun. A lot of cars are rushing around you that will be an obstacle on your way to freedom. Maneuver among the endless stream of cars and other obstacles. You need to show incredible dexterity and rapid response to overcome the greatest distance. You must remember that you cannot leave the highway. After driving to the side of the road you will quickly lose energy and your car will simply blow up. You will receive money after each arrival. Upgrade your car and buy combat equipment. You can install a gun, flamethrower or laser device on your car and become a real highway nightmare. You can also increase attack speed, damage, health and more. The road is yours!

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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