Kizi Mizi: Candy Rush Saga

Candy Rush Saga

Candy Rush Saga is an extraordinary game that will take you to a magical world full of sweet adventures. You will play as a little girl named Emma, ​​who embarks on an unforgettable journey through the Land of Sweets.

One fine day, Emma discovers a mysterious map on which various sweet lands are marked. Fascinated and full of determination, she decides to find all the places on the map and collect as many treats as possible.

Emma begins her journey in the sweet town of Candyville, where she meets friendly locals and discovers lots of enchanted candies. However, it soon turns out that she is not the only one interested in the map. The evil Lord Licorice, who rules the Land of Sweets, also wants to get all the treats and gain unlimited power.

During her adventure, Emma will face many difficulties. She will go through the mysterious Chocolate Forest, where traps with melted chocolate await her. She will travel through the icy Valley of Ice, where her skills will be put to the test among slippery blocks of ice. Eventually, she will reach the Realm of Dreams, where a grand final battle with Lord Licorice awaits her.

During her journey, Emma will have the opportunity to earn various power-ups and special abilities that will help her overcome adversity. She will also be able to meet new friends who will support her in her mission. Will Emma find all the places on the map and defeat Lord Licorice? It's up to you!

Get ready for a sweet adventure and join Emma in Candy Rush Saga now! Collect as many treats as possible, defeat your opponents and become a true hero of the Land of Sweets. Are you ready for this unique journey that will pamper your senses? Join the game and see for yourself!

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