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Candy Bubble

Candy Bubble is a magical game that takes us to a sweet world full of colorful candies and bubbles. We play the role of a little wizard who has to save the Candy Kingdom from the evil wizard.

Our hero, the sweet wizard Candy, receives a mission from the Candy Queen. The task is extremely difficult, but Candy is ready to face all challenges. He must defeat the sorcerer and restore the magic to the Candy Kingdom.

In Candy Bubble we have to help Candy defeat the sorcerer by shooting down colored candies. Each candy has its own color, and our task is to create groups of three or more candies of the same color. The bigger the group, the more points we get.

We will meet many difficulties on our way. The sorcerer will make our task difficult by shooting black bubbles towards our candies. You have to be quick and agile to avoid the bubbles and hit the right groups of candies.

As we progress through the levels, we gain new skills and power-ups. We can use special powers such as candy freeze to shoot down larger groups or protect ourselves from black bubbles.

The Candy Bubble game offers many levels, and each level is more challenging than the previous one. We must be fully focused and use the best strategies to defeat the sorcerer and return the magic to the Candy Kingdom.

Can you help Candy save the Candy Kingdom? Are you ready for a sweet adventure full of magic and colorful candies? Enter the world of Candy Bubble and discover your wizarding skills!

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