Kizi Mizi: Call of War

Call of War

Welcome to Call of War - an epic online strategy game that will allow you to take over the world and become the most powerful leader on earth!

In Call of War you take on the role of the leader of one of the world's countries, whose goal is to gain as much territory, resources and power as possible. You must develop strategy and tactics to win battles, negotiate alliances with other players, and gain the support of the public.

The game offers many different development opportunities. You can build your army, expand your territory, develop technology and trade with other countries. In Call of War, you must also take care of your resources, such as oil, coal and iron, in order to develop your country.

In the game you will find various game modes such as single player, cooperative mode and competitive mode with other players. There are many nations to choose from, including Germany, USA, Russia, Japan and many more.

Call of War is a game for people who like challenges and a strategic approach to the game. Take over the world and become the most powerful leader in history! Play now and see if you can take over the world.

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