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Bob The Robber 4: Japan

Bob The Robber 4: Japan is an exciting and addictive game that will take you to a world full of intrigue and danger. Become the God of Robbers, a renowned thief of unparalleled talent, and help him on another ambitious mission. This time Bob decided to direct his theft skills to the land of the cherry blossoms - Japan.

Drawn into the dark underworld of Tokyo, Bob must travel through many beautiful and dangerous places in order to obtain valuable treasures. Not only rich palaces and museums await him, but also guarded laboratories and mysterious temples. Will Bob escape protection and security to get what he wants?

Bob The Robber 4: Japan offers many exciting levels that require tactics, cunning and dexterity. You have to plan your moves, avoid cameras and security guards, hack security systems and pick locks. Each room is full of traps and puzzles that you must solve to continue your mission.

But stealing isn't the only thing Bob is after. During his journey through Japan, Bob will have to help the needy and fight criminals. Only he can restore justice and order to a city plagued by an evil force.

In Bob The Robber 4: Japan amazing adventures, surprising twists and excitement await you at every turn. Will you be able to meet the challenges and become a legendary thief? Time to find out!

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