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Bob The Robber 4: France

Bob The Robber 4: France is an exciting game that puts you in the role of the Robber God - a god of theft, whose goal this time is France. The title character, Bob, is a master of his craft and always ready for new challenges. This time he decided to direct his skills to French museums and castles that hide priceless treasures.

Bob arrives in Paris, where a series of difficult tasks await him. His first destination is the Louvre - a famous museum where extraordinary works of art are stored. Bob must go through security, deal with security and get valuable paintings to be sold on the black market. But this is not the end - there are many more places to conquer.

Bob The Robber 4: France offers not only exciting gameplay, but also strategic elements. The player must plan their moves to avoid being noticed by security and cameras. He must also solve puzzles and crack codes to open safes and access hidden treasures.

As the game progresses, Bob gains new skills that help him complete tasks. He can get a bodyguard costume that allows him to pass through the guards undetected. He can also learn to hack alarm systems and disable cameras. The further in the game, the more opportunities Bob has.

Bob The Robber 4: France also offers lots of mini-games to keep the player hooked. It can be sneaking around the rooftops of Paris, evading guards in the narrow streets of the city, or even escaping from prison when Bob is caught. Each mission has its own unique challenges and rewards that keep players wanting to keep playing.

Will Bob manage to get all the treasures of France? Will he escape arrest? Will he become an elusive master thief? It all depends on you! Become Bob and travel across France in search of adventure and riches in Bob The Robber 4: France!

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