Kizi Mizi: BFFs Black Friday Collection

BFFs Black Friday Collection

BFFs Black Friday Collection is an exciting game in which players take on the role of best friends who decided to go shopping during crazy Black Friday. The rules of the game are simple - each player's task is to choose the best bargain purchases, get as many discounts as possible and avoid the traps and dangers waiting for them during the shopping spree.

While playing BFFs Black Friday Collection, players will roam the mall, competing for the best deals and promotions. They must make decisions quickly to make purchases before other players and get what they want.

Each friend has her own unique skills that can help them get discounts and avoid traps. Players will have to work together to overcome difficulties and achieve success during this crazy shopping day.

BFFs Black Friday Collection is a game full of emotions and surprises. Players must be vigilant and make quick decisions to avoid the traps that await them at every step. Will they be able to get all the bargains they want?

The BFFs Black Friday Collection game is great fun for all lovers of shopping and exciting challenges. Can you get the best deals and win against your friends in this crazy Black Friday game?

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played BFFs Black Friday Collection 85 times and we still don't have enough!
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