Kizi Mizi: Battleships Pirates

Battleships Pirates

Battleships Pirates: Discover the dark secrets of the seas!

Take on the role of a brave captain of a pirate ship and embark on a dangerous journey through the endless ocean skies. Your goal is to gain fame and fortune by defeating other pirates and discovering treasures hidden on remote islands. Many thrilling sea battles, mysterious puzzles and countless adventures await you!

Win naval battles

In Battleships Pirates, get ready for exciting battles at sea! Use your tactical knowledge to rout enemy ships for valuable loot. Collect new weapons, upgrade your ship and create an invincible fleet that will intimidate any pirate in its path. Are you ready to fight?

Explore treasure islands

As you travel across the ocean, discover mysterious islands where unimaginable riches are hidden. Solve puzzles, find hidden treasures and obtain unique items to strengthen your ship and increase your chances of victory. Can you find the legendary Pirate Treasure?

Create your own pirate empire

There is no room for the weak in Battleships Pirates. Build your own pirate empire by recruiting new crew members, capturing new ships and expanding your base. Control sea trade, attack other empires and lead the pirate hierarchy. Are you ready to become the most powerful pirate ever?

Join the battle in Battleships Pirates now!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure at sea, where only the bravest will gain fame and fortune. Battleships Pirates is a game that will make you feel like a real pirate and introduce you to a world full of dangers and amazing discoveries. Are you ready for this unique journey through the dark secrets of the seas?

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