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Bad Ice Cream

In the game "Bad Ice Cream" you take on the role of an ice cream treat that must collect fruits on the board. However, in order to do so, you must overcome many obstacles and enemies.

Your goal is to collect all the fruits that are on the board while avoiding the dangers. Enemies will be on your way to stop you, but don't be surprised - your ice hero has a few tricks up his sleeve.

First level: Fruits and obstacles

In the first level of Bad Ice Cream, there are fruits that you must collect to progress. However, to get them, you must overcome obstacles such as ice walls that block your way.

Remember that enemies will be in your way and some of them are very dangerous. You must do everything in your power to defeat them. Use the power of your ice body to freeze enemies and destroy them.

Second Level: Enemies and Traps

In the second level of Bad Ice Cream, more dangerous enemies and traps appear. You must be careful not to fall into traps and avoid enemies that are fast and aggressive.

Your best defense is to freeze enemies and destroy them. You can also use your ice body to block enemies and obstacles.

Third level: Boss and reward

In the third level of "Bad Ice Cream" you have to defeat a boss that is even more dangerous than the enemies from the previous levels. You must be very careful and use all your skills to defeat him.

After defeating the boss, you will receive a reward - a special power that will allow you to easily overcome enemies and obstacles in subsequent levels.

Play Bad Ice Cream and see how far you can go in this fun and addictive game!

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