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Bad Eggs Online 2

Bad Eggs Online 2 is a strategy game where you take on the role of an egg battling other eggs. Your goal is to survive and eliminate all enemies by using different weapons and skills.

You start the game with basic gear, but you can collect coins to unlock better weapons and armor. Each round lasts approximately five minutes and up to 12 players can enter each round.

There are multiple modes in the game, including single player mode, tournament mode and team mode. You can also play with other players online or invite your friends to join the game.

Bad Eggs Online 2 offers many different maps for you to fight on, including beach, desert and science lab. Each map has its own challenges and secrets for you to discover.

During the game, you have to watch out for various obstacles such as lava, bombs and terrain obstacles. You must also be careful not to shoot yourself or your allies as this can cause serious damage.

Bad Eggs Online 2 is an addictive game that requires strategy, skill and quick reflexes. Gather your team, choose your weapon and get ready to fight for survival!

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