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Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

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Baby Hazel Hygiene Care
Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

Baby Hazel Hygiene Care - Game rules and controls

game description Baby Hazel Hygiene Care

Young children often don't like to bathe, brush their teeth or hands. They are constantly on the move, they want to have fun and just have fun, and the time spent near the tap seems to be a worthless waste of time. Why stand near the sink when you can run with friends in the yard or just play with a doll? But in the game Little Hania will explain to children how this process works and why it is necessary to take care of hygiene. Will show what microbes are and why they like to sit on their hands? What happens if you do not brush your teeth for a long time? All these children must know. Always after playing in the sandbox or having a playground, you should take a bath and wash clothes, only with the help of special cleaning agents. "Baby Hazel Brushing Time" will show you how to take care not only of yourself but also of your clothes. Of course, our Hania will do it for the first time and will need your help.

You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.

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