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Baby Hazel Gingerbread House

In the game "Baby Hazel Gingerbread House" you will play the role of Baby Hazel - a charming and energetic little girl. Hazel is very excited for Christmas to come and decides to build her own gingerbread house!

In preparation for this groundbreaking adventure, Baby Hazel goes shopping with her mother. In the store, she chooses the most delicious and colorful cookies that will form the basis of her house. Hazel also chooses various decorations such as sugar stars, colorful sprinkles and frosting in different shapes.

After returning home, Baby Hazel begins the process of creating her dream gingerbread house. With great care and precision, Hazel places the cookies in the right places, using icing as glue. The newly created structure looks really impressive!

Unexpectedly, however, Baby Hazel's house is attacked by ravenous monkeys! Toddler must act fast to save his beautiful gingerbread house. Together with the Player, Hazel must come up with a plan to scare away the monkeys and protect her creation.

Baby Hazel and Player start making traps and placing obstacles to stop the monkeys from destroying the gingerbread house. Using various elements from the decoration set, Hazel and Player create a maze to prevent the monkeys from getting into the house.

Finally, Baby Hazel and Player celebrate their success when the monkeys are scared away and the gingerbread house is saved. Hazel is extremely happy with her achievement and now she can enjoy Christmas with a beautiful, colorful and tasty gingerbread house.

Join Baby Hazel on her "Baby Hazel Gingerbread House" adventure and help her build the most beautiful gingerbread house that has ever existed!

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