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Baby Hazel: First Rain

Welcome to the world of Baby Hazel: First Rain! Get ready for an amazing adventure where you take on the role of baby Hazel experiencing her first rain. This cute game will grab your attention with its unique storyline and addictive mechanics.

In Baby Hazel: First Rain, Hazel is full of excitement as dark clouds have appeared in the sky and the first drops of rain have started to fall to the ground. Your task is to help Hazel prepare for this extraordinary event. Together with her you will experience unforgettable moments, full of joy and discoveries.

During the game you will have to:

  • Help Hazel find her favorite umbrella that goes perfectly with her colorful outfits.
  • Encourage Hazel to prepare tasty coffee and delicious cake to enjoy these treats in the rain.
  • Help Hazel build a little treehouse where she can shelter from the rain and watch the drops fall to the ground.
  • Give Hazel an amazing mud fun where she can jump and splash in the puddles.

Baby Hazel: First Rain is not only an exciting game, but also a great lesson about nature and how to enjoy the little pleasures of life. Taking on the role of Hazel, players will have the opportunity to experience the magic of rain and discover the joy that even the smallest drop can bring.

Are you ready to discover the wonderful world of Baby Hazel: First Rain? Get ready for an adventure that will unleash your imagination and make you want to come back again and again!

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