Kizi Mizi: Army Block Squad

Army Block Squad

Welcome to the world of Army Block Squad - a dynamic and addictive action game that will put you in the middle of epic combat. You are the commander of an elite special unit that has been sent on a mission of the highest priority. Your goal is to unlock the enemy's secret base and destroy their dangerous arsenal.

Get ready for intense clashes against a variety of enemies, from common soldiers to trained snipers and powerful war machines. To survive, you will need to use your tactical and strategic skills as well as your team's abilities. Plan your moves wisely to gain an advantage over your enemy and win the battle.

Explore diverse locations such as ruined cities, dense jungles and icy rinks. Each place has its own unique challenges and mysteries that you must overcome. You will have to move carefully, avoid traps and use the environment to your advantage. Also, don't forget to collect valuable resources and upgrade your skills to become even stronger.

Assemble your team and create the best team - Army Block Squad offers a wide selection of characters with different skills and specializations. Choose your team members to work as a team and use their unique abilities in combat. Build relationships between characters, develop their skills and uncover their secrets to unlock your team's full potential.

Army Block Squad is a game that will keep you hooked for hours with its gripping storyline, intense action and countless tactical possibilities. Are you ready to lead your squad and face the biggest challenges? Get ready for battle and prove that you are a true commander!

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