Kizi Mizi: Archery World Tour

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In Archery World Tour you will embark on an exciting journey around the world to become a true archery master. As a skilled archery shooter, you will face a variety of challenges that await you in the most beautiful corners of the planet.

Get ready for unforgettable adventures in the Archery World Tour, where each stage of the journey will reveal a new place and challenge for you. Feel the thrill of standing on top of the mountains, bow in hand, ready to fire. From tropical beaches to mystical forests to snowy peaks, a variety of breathtaking locations await you.

In Archery World Tour you can choose from different game modes depending on your preferences. If you're looking for a challenge, try your hand at tournament mode, where you'll take on the best archers in the world. If you prefer online competition, join the multiplayer mode and take on other players from around the globe.

Besides, Archery World Tour also has an extensive upgrade and customization system waiting for you. Collect coins and gain experience points to unlock new bows, arrows and accessories to help you level up your game. Become the archery master and prove that you are the best in the world!

Prepare your bow, noose your arrow, and embark on an epic journey around the world in the Archery World Tour. Are you ready for this challenge? See for yourself!

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