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Angry Gran Run: Japan

Angry Gran Run: Japan is a dynamic game in which we play the role of an angry grandmother who decides to escape from a care facility and sets off to conquer the Japanese street. Our goal is to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins to score as many points as possible.

Taking the role of Angry Gran, our heroine embarks on a chilling adventure on a Japanese street. All this in order to escape the caretakers who want to take her back to the care facility. However, we must be careful because the street is full of dangerous obstacles, such as moving cars, mailboxes and even samurai on their swords.

During the run, we have to collect coins that are on the street. Each coin is points that will help us get a high place in the ranking. The longer we run, the more obstacles appear, which makes the game more and more exciting and difficult. We must always be vigilant to avoid colliding with obstacles, because each hit will cause our granny to slow down and we lose precious seconds.

The game offers many different levels that reflect different Japanese locales. We can run through the bustling streets of Tokyo, slip through the narrow alleys of Kyoto or even jump on the train tracks in Osaka. Each location has its own unique obstacles and backgrounds, which makes the game even more interesting.

Angry Gran Run: Japan is an immersive game that makes you feel like the action heroes of a movie. Our angry grandma must use her reflexes and agility to avoid the dangers of a Japanese street. Will she be able to escape from her guardians and reach her destination? Only by playing Angry Gran Run: Japan will you find out!

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