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Angry Boss

Angry Boss is a game that will allow you to virtually vent your work frustration. Take on the role of an employee who has to deal with constant challenges posed by the boss.

The player's task is to avoid the wrath of the boss, which is very easily provoked. You have to watch your every move and be smart to avoid the wrath of your boss.

The game has many levels that gradually become more difficult. In each of them, the player must find a way to complete the task without making the boss angry.

Angry Boss is not only fun, but also a great tool to learn the secrets of managing people. The game teaches how important it is to approach employees properly and what behaviors should be avoided so as not to discourage the team from working.

If you're ready for a challenge and want to prove yourself as a worker in difficult conditions, then Angry Boss is the game for you. Play, develop your skills and be better than others!

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