Kizi Mizi: Angry Birds Slingshot Fun 2

Angry Birds Slingshot Fun 2

In Angry Birds Slingshot Fun 2 birds once again face off against greedy pigs who want to steal their eggs. This time, however, the birds have new, improved slingshots at their disposal, which will allow them to attack even more effectively.

The player takes the role of one of the birds and must use his slingshot skill to destroy the buildings behind which the pigs are hiding. Each victory brings a reward of coins that can be used to purchase more birds or slingshot upgrades.

As you progress through the game, the levels get harder and require more precise shots. In some levels, the player also has to deal with various obstacles, such as wind, which makes it difficult to hit the target.

There's never a dull moment in Angry Birds Slingshot Fun 2 as each level offers new challenges and unique gameplay. Can you beat all the levels and save the eggs from the greedy pigs? Join the fight and see for yourself!

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