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Amazing Jewel

Amazing Jewel is an addictive game that will give you lots of fun and unforgettable experiences! In this classic puzzle game, your task is to arrange colored gems in rows and columns to score as many points as possible.

Play with your friends and compete with them to be the best player in Amazing Jewel. The game offers multiple game modes including single player mode, co-op mode, and competitive mode. You can also invite your friends to play and compete online!

Get rewards and bonuses as you play to make your task easier and achieve better results. The game offers many different bonuses, including bombs that will help you destroy several gems at once, and special gems that will allow you to score more points.

Show your skills and score as many points as possible to top the player ranking. Discover the many different levels and challenges that await you in Amazing Jewel. The game offers many different boards where you can test your skills and abilities.

Play Amazing Jewel now and experience the real pleasure of arranging jewels. The game is easy to learn but hard to master, making it perfect for players of all ages and experience levels. Don't wait any longer and start playing now!

⏺️️Kizi and Mizi: We've played Amazing Jewel 3669 times and we still don't have enough!
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