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Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion: Gather your team and save the world from the alien invasion!

In Alien Invasion you will play the role of the commander of an elite special unit whose task is to stop the army of space invaders. Your mission is simple - save the Earth from destruction!

Create your team:

At the beginning of the game you will be able to build a team consisting of various specialists. Choose from soldiers, scientists, engineers and technicians to ensure a variety of skills and strategies against the aliens.

Improve your skills:

During your adventure, you'll earn experience and skill points that you can spend on developing your team's skills. Increase your firepower, agility, durability, and more to become even more unstoppable against alien invaders.

Get advanced gear:

You won't be able to defeat the aliens without the proper equipment. During the game you will be able to acquire and upgrade various types of weapons, armor and gadgets. From laser rifles to armored exoskeletons, the choice is yours!

Fight epic battles:

Get ready for epic encounters with aliens on various planets and space stations. Alien commanders are intelligent and won't give up easily. You must use your team and tactics to defeat any opponent and take control of the situation.

Dreamlike graphics and sounds:

Amazing 3D graphics and sound effects await you in Alien Invasion, which will put you in a fantastic atmosphere of fighting against aliens. Enjoy spectacular explosion effects, dynamic animations and an epic soundtrack that adds to the intensity of the game.

Get ready for the biggest challenge of your life!

Alien Invasion is waiting for you! Are you ready to face the cosmic threat and save humanity from the invasion? Prepare your team, get advanced gear and embark on an epic adventure that will decide the future of the Earth!

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