Kizi Mizi: Air War 1941

Air War 1941

Welcome to the online game Air War 1941!

Go back in time to 1941 and take on the role of a brave fighter pilot. Exciting missions await you in which you will have to face dangerous enemies.

Get air superiority

Your goal is to destroy all enemy planes that try to invade our airspace. Use skill and agility to dodge dangerous projectiles and eliminate enemies.

Experience thrilling missions

Go through a variety of missions such as defending cities, escorting convoys and attacking enemy bases. Each mission will have its own unique challenges and objectives that you will need to complete in order to continue your mission.

Upgrade your plane

Earn points for each enemy destroyed and use them to upgrade your aircraft. You can increase its firepower, increase its speed or improve its armor to be better at fighting.

Defeat your opponents

Become the best war pilot and defeat your opponents on all fronts. Become an air ace and get rewarded for your achievements.

Join Air War 1941 now and start your epic adventure in the air!

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