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Adventure Time Finn & Bones

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Adventure Time Finn & Bones
Adventure Time Finn & Bones

Adventure Time Finn & Bones - Game rules and controls

game description Adventure Time Finn & BonesThis time Jake was in serious trouble - he fell victim to an army of hungry and evil skeletons. They dragged him into the Land of the Dead, but Finn managed to find himself there and is now hurrying to save his friend. But the road is long, full of danger and only the support of friends will help you reach the end. Princess Bubblegum will support you with her scientific knowledge. Thanks to her experience, you can even collect weapons from items found in transit. But don't forget to bring as many useful items as possible. Good equipment is the basis for victory. If you have defeated the enemies, look around carefully - then you will be able to get something useful. Only you can save your friend!

Game rules and controls:
Upgrade: weapons, shield and rings

title_125 Adventure Time Finn & Bones CARTOONNETWORK 4 January 2019 7674 pageviews 86 162 title_130 139 title_128 23 votes Adventure Time Finn & Bones You can play this online game only on a computer or laptop.