Kizi Mizi: Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails

Acrylic Nails is a dynamic game that takes you to the fascinating world of beauty salons, where you play the role of a manicurist. Your goal is to gain as many customers as possible by performing perfect nail art. Can you meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers?

At Acrylic Nails you can choose from a variety of nail polish patterns and colors to create unique and impressive nail decorations. The more creative and precise you are, the greater your chance of gaining new clients and gaining a reputation in the world of manicure.

The game offers many levels in which you have to meet various challenges, such as limited time to make a decoration or specific preferences of customers. Each level is a test of your skills and creativity, checking whether you are ready for new challenges in the world of manicure.

But be careful! At Acrylic Nails, you also have to be prepared for unexpected situations, such as equipment failures or sudden changes in customer wishes. Only a true manicure master can maintain calm and cope with even the most difficult situations.

Your reputation among clients will build with each successful nail art. The more satisfied customers, the greater the development opportunities for your salon. Can you become the most renowned manicurist in town?

Acrylic Nails is not only a game about nail art, but also about time and resource management. You have to be fast and precise to satisfy as many customers as possible and earn as much money as possible to develop your salon. Can you meet this challenge?

Get ready for a fascinating journey into the world of manicure at Acrylic Nails and see if you are ready to become a real nail art master! Hundreds of clients with different preferences are waiting for you - show that you are able to fulfill their every dream on your nails.

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