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A Small Favor

A Small Favor is an exciting sci-fi game that takes players into the fascinating world of the future. The action takes place in the space city of Alpha Centauri, where players assume the role of a special agent named Ethan. His job is to perform a small but extremely important favor for a mystery shopper.

Ethan is sent to a remote planet fraught with danger and mystery. To achieve his goal, he must traverse labyrinths of underground tunnels, face dangerous creatures and solve complex puzzles. During his journey, Ethan will discover that behind this seemingly simple task there is a much greater intrigue that may affect the future of the entire cosmos.

In A Small Favor players will have to make difficult decisions that will affect the development of the story. Will Ethan be faithful to his client or will he discover ulterior motives and risk his own life? Can he escape this dangerous labyrinth and uncover secrets that could change the course of history?

The game offers unique mechanics that allow players to explore different story paths. Collecting clues, solving puzzles and making decisions will be crucial to your success. Discover unknown planets, meet amazing creatures and immerse yourself in a bold story that reveals the secrets of the universe.

A Small Favor is a game that combines an exciting storyline, addictive gameplay and visually stunning environments. Can you do this little favor? Will you change the course of history with your choice? Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in a space story that will stay in your memory forever!

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