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3 Pandas in Japan

Welcome to the game "3 Pandas in Japan"! Get ready for an amazing journey to the land of the cherry blossoms in the company of three cute pandas. Our story begins when three pandas, Bing Bing, Kiki and Shu Shu, are invited on an extraordinary trip to Japan by their friend, a Kung Fu master.

Traveling through the picturesque cities of Japan, Bing Bing, Kiki and Shu Shu encounter many dangers and secrets. Their friendship and puzzle-solving skills will be the key to survival. In "3 Pandas in Japan", you must help the pandas overcome adversity to reach their goal.

Exciting adventures and amazing challenges await you! You'll have to help the pandas avoid traps, overcome obstacles and find their way home. Japanese landscapes, culture and traditions will accompany you every step of the way, creating an unforgettable experience.

Stay alert, because not everything is what it seems! You need to be smart and skillful to solve the puzzles and uncover the mysteries that await you in the game. You will help the pandas survive and overcome difficulties while collecting points and reaching higher and higher levels.

Are you ready for the challenge? "3 Pandas in Japan" is a game that attracts with its addictive storyline, colorful graphics and exciting levels. Join Bing Bing, Kiki and Shu Shu on an unforgettable adventure in Japan and show that you are a true hero!

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