Kizi Mizi: 3 Pandas in Brazil

3 Pandas in Brazil

3 Pandas in Brazil is an immersive adventure of three pandas in the heart of Brazil. The main characters - Ping, Pong and Pong - are accidentally kidnapped during their vacation and forced to face dangerous challenges in an exotic country.

Their journey begins in the dense Amazon forest, where they must find their way back to civilization. Among palm trees and exotic animals, pandas discover the mysterious ruins of an ancient civilization. They must solve puzzles and put together puzzles to uncover the secrets of this mysterious place.

After finding a mysterious map, the pandas embark on an adventurous journey across Brazil. From Rio de Janeiro, through the wonderful beaches of Copacabana, to the mysterious jungle of Iguazu, many dangers and challenges await them. They must avoid dangerous piranhas, cross wild rivers and climb high mountains to find treasure hidden in the heart of Brazil.

On their journey, the pandas meet various characters who help them on their quest. From a jungle expert to a local guide, the helpful spirits you meet along the way become the key to your success. All this to the rhythm of Brazilian music that accompanies them in every step.

3 Pandas in Brazil is not only an addictive adventure, but also a game that teaches values ​​such as cooperation, determination and courage. Players will need to use each panda's skills to progress through the various levels and reach their goal.

Will the pandas find the treasure hidden in the heart of Brazil? Will they be able to return to their natural habitat? It's up to the players to join this amazing adventure in 3 Pandas in Brazil!

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