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3 Pandas

3 Pandas is a strategy puzzle game based on the adventures of three cute pandas. The main characters are three brother pandas: Pan, Panek and Pandy. They all live in a peaceful green jungle until one day they are kidnapped by a sinister hunter. Their only hope of returning home lies in the players who will have to guide the pandas through challenging challenges and solving puzzles.

Players will have to use each panda's skills to progress through various levels and defeat their opponents. The Lord is a strong and courageous leader who can overcome obstacles with his strength. Panek is agile and can get through narrow passages. Pandas are masters of disguise and can hide from their enemies.

As the game progresses, players will have to solve puzzles and discover the mysteries of the jungle to save the pandas. They will travel through the dense forest, climbing trees, jumping over stones and avoiding traps. They will also meet other animals that will help them in their mission or become their enemies.

3 Pandas is not only an addictive adventure, but also an educational game. Players will need to use logical thinking and strategic planning to overcome various challenges. They will also have to work together to use each panda's skills to reach the goal.

Can you save the three pandas from the evil hunter and help them return home? Find out how many adventures await you in this addictive puzzle game!

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