Kizi Mizi: 1001 Arabian Nights

1001 Arabian Nights

1001 Arabian Nights is a game that takes us into a magical world full of secrets and adventures. We will play the role of a young traveler who sets out on a dangerous journey to find golden treasures hidden in the mysterious corners of the Orient.

In 1001 Arabian Nights our goal is to solve a series of puzzles that will open the way to legendary riches. On our way we will meet many characters from fairy tales and legends that will help us or stand in our way. Magic lamps, magic carpets and mysterious crypts full of treasures and dangers await us.

1001 Arabian Nights is not only a puzzle game, but also an exciting story of courage, friendship and love. On our way we will meet a beautiful princess whom we have to save from an evil sorcerer. Only our clever puzzle solutions can save her and the whole kingdom from imminent doom.

1001 Arabian Nights is also a wonderful journey through the colorful landscapes and exotic places of the Orient. We will visit lantern-lit bazaars, mysterious palaces and abandoned tombs. Each place hides its secrets that we must discover in order to reach the hidden treasures.

Can we solve all the puzzles and find treasures in 1001 Arabian Nights? Can we save the princess and defeat the evil sorcerer? It depends only on our cleverness and determination. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure that will take you to a world full of magic and mystery.

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